Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anyone Else Feel A Draft In Here?

Draft Wrap-up.
Holy shit, the Chargers had a good draft.
They traded up to get Ryan Mathews, a RB who not only will be the next LdT, but he actually reminds me a lot of Tomlinson when he came out of college. I'm excited.
And they got the Nose Tackle I hoped they would, picking up Cam Thomas out of my alma mater. They also picked up a bruising safety, another linebacker and a third string QB whom I have concerns about, but lets face it, he ain't ever going to start for the Chargers.
Awesome draft.

-- Original Post --
Today is Draft Day in the NFL.
I'm not cool with it.
Thursday "night" (4 pm here on the West Coast, when I'm still at fucking work)?
Fuck you.
The first two rounds of the draft should be on Saturday, starting in the morning, like it has every year since I've been alive.
But no, we've got to fuck with things simply because we can, and its sad to see that the government doesn't own a monopoly on that line of thinking.
Round One tonight/this afternoon, Round Two tomorrow, and the rest throughout the weekend.
Fuck you, NFL.
Anyway, here are the things I'd like to see happen;

The Rams and Redskins swap picks a la the Giants and Chargers in 2004, where Bradford goes to Washington, and the Rams pick another offensive lineman.

The Raiders trade away their pick to the Steelers for "Humpy" Rothlisberger.

By some miracle the Chargers pick up Ryan Matthews

The Vikings land Jimmy Clausen, because as much of a prick as the kid is, he's going to be the best QB taken in this draft class, and dropping to the 30th pick will do his ego a world of good. And it'd give Favre a clear exit strategy.

That if the Chargers can't get Matthews, they trade down and try to fatten up in Round Two. No Terrence Cody. Please, God, no Terrence Cody.

And with that, I'll keep up with the first round of the draft online, through PFT, because the NFL brass just refuse to leave shit alone. Thanks, Rodger Goodell. This will be the first NFL Draft of my lifetime that I won't actually be able to watch.

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