Monday, May 17, 2010

Let's Just Keep Doin' It Till We Get It Right

Or, how your old pal Huckleberry is spending his Monday.
I am now, more certain than ever, dedicated the elimination of "red tape" bureaucracy, bull shit legalese and just about everything else in the entire fucking world about now.
I have, what I am certain is shredded, formed and milled remains of a section of the Redwood Forest sitting here on my desk, all of it that I have to pour through, right now, to make sure that I won't be forced to grab my ankles and think of England in a year or five years hence, just to procure a house in a city, in state that I really don't want to live in for another minute, fuck all for the rest of my natural life.
So, how's your Monday treating you?
Funny thing, my grandfather used to tell the story about when his grandfather shot a revenue agent over a matter of some misfiled paperwork, that my great great grandfather had signed on the wrong dotted line, and the other party had signed on the line intended for his, and even though all required signatories signed, they were going to have to confiscate whatever the contract entitled him to. When the matter went before the court, the judge sided with my great great grandfather on account of the revenue agent not being able to testify (hospitalized, not dead) to the plaintiff's account. According to my grandfather, my great great grandfather served 90 days for disturbing the peace, another 90 for assault and that was that.
My point is, though I desperately wish to do the same thing, I know that such will lead me to more than 180 days in the clink.
You can stuff it.

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