Monday, June 7, 2010


As in down, as in "in" as in deflationary down cycle.
Anyway, settling into the new digs, finally, but there is simply no real time to enjoy it. Between the real job and the being swamped with tons of freelance work, there its wall-to-wall around here. Add in all of the work getting the place set up, and damn.
Funny thing though, no TV service yet.
And I'm getting along pretty well, except having to go to the bar down the street to catch the Lakers game.
And because of a scheduling SNAFU, there won't be TV service for a couple of more days yet.
Funny how little I've been missing it, again, except for the sports.
The Woman is kind of going nuts, though.
She does love her programs.
Anything else going on?
Oh yeah, the economic recovery is moving right along, as is the peace process in the Middle East, with everyone on board, pitching in and helping out. Add to that on oil leak that may not subside until 2011, and, well, let's just call it a Sunday and split the difference.
And its only June.

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